DayZ is sending wolves to eat you

DayZ is sending wolves to eat you

Everything in DayZ is out to kill you. If it isn’t a gang of players forcing a bucket of bleach down your throat, it’s a zombie horde mauling at your face, or a deadly disease coursing through your veins because you ran through a forest with no shoes on. That plethora of ‘ways to die’ is about to increase though, thanks to the upcoming addition of predatory animals.

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Bohemia Interactive are currently at work on AI predators, the first examples of which are wolves, and can be seen hunting and maiming in the above video. They look much faster than any other threat in the game, so that looks fun. The footage is all work-in-progress, so naturally not representative of the final wolves.

Is more ways to die exactly what you want from DayZ?

Thanks, VG247.