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DayZ is sending wolves to eat you

DayZ is sending wolves to eat you

Everything in DayZ is out to kill you. If it isn’t a gang of players forcing a bucket of bleach down your throat, it’s a zombie horde mauling at your face, or a deadly disease coursing through your veins because you ran through a forest with no shoes on. That plethora of ‘ways to die’ is about to increase though, thanks to the upcoming addition of predatory animals.

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Bohemia Interactive are currently at work on AI predators, the first examples of which are wolves, and can be seen hunting and maiming in the above video. They look much faster than any other threat in the game, so that looks fun. The footage is all work-in-progress, so naturally not representative of the final wolves. 

Is more ways to die exactly what you want from DayZ? 

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MaliceAlyce avatarPrime avatarRecluse avatarAnAuldWolf avatar
MaliceAlyce Avatar
2 Years ago

I wonder if there's a disclaimer saying "Only one person was on this server, otherwise you get 5fps and the server melts ."

Prime Avatar
2 Years ago

They should probably get zombies working correctly before adding new AI

Recluse Avatar
Recluse(3 hours played)
2 Years ago

This game is such a scam, I still remember what was it two years ago when it came out and made a ton of cash and it's still pretty much the same POS.

Prime Avatar
2 Years ago

How is it a scam? People are getting what they paid for

AnAuldWolf Avatar
2 Years ago


I'd honestly think this sort of thing bothers anyone with more than a remedial education. I think, thankfully, more developers have been educating themselves on this topic as well.

You need only look at all of the animal behaviour mods for Bethesda's Gamebryo engine games, along with the response to them in Obsidian's New Vegas (Fallout 4 was something of a floundering, limb-flailing, torso twirling backwards leap by comparison).

Long and short of it: I'd think that anyone that's able to read would actually know that animals aren't homicidal psychopaths, and anyone that isn't a cold-hearted sociopath couldn't even bring themselves to harm animals even in a video game.

In reality, wolves run. They run because we're the big, mean predator that's at the top of the food chain. Even Hollywood is aware that there's nothing more scary out there than us. Animals just can't compete. Compared to even the average wasteful, ignorant human, even a grumpy bear is a fluffy teddy by comparison. Everything in context.

So I can buy that a raider wants to eat my skin, we humans have the capacity to actually be like that. It's unfortunate, but it's also an undeniable reality. I can't buy that a wolf will suicidally charge a well-armed person in some form of combat armour.

Maybe it's because I read? I hate thinking that I'm more knowledgeable than the vast majority of people out there, so I won't. I don't have an ego big enough to believe I'm that smart, not nearly. Instead, I'll be optimistic and think (even if naively) that people actually read books. That's the notion I'm going with. And as such? This is kind of ridiculous.

For the past ten years, educated people have been trying (in vain) to explain that the concept of an alpha doesn't exist in the animal kingdom. It's something we implied upon wolves based upon some very incorrect and subjective observations of wolves in captivity. More recent, objective, professional observations of wolves in the wild put the kibosh on that. We had them all wrong.

It's funny that we have such a butch, machismo outlook on everything that we do project like that.

So, the average person sees wolves prowling around the edge of an enclosure and thinks 'ah, yo, they're patrollin' for their alpha.' In reality, the 'alpha' is just a bit of a bully that the rest of the wolves are trying their best to get the hell away from. They're actually searching the fences for a weak point to escape, rather than patrolling.

Whereas in the wild, bullies amongst wolves get left alone. They're the assumed 'omegas,' and what happens is that their chances for breeding are greatly reduced. Opposite to us, wolves are actually breeding our their aggression.

Extraversion in humans has lead to the notion of the alpha and actually an increase in breeding even more aggression into us. Statistically (and you can do this research yourself), highly intelligent introverts will be asexual. I'm not that smart and that counts for me, too. I'm biromantic, but the sex just isn't happening. Blech. I wouldn't bring babies into this hellhole of an overpopulated world if you paid me ten billion in whatever currency is strongest right now.

Thanks to this, we tend to subjectively project our own proclivities onto animals. We want to see animals which are aggressive and have the butch machismo about them, but... in reality things couldn't be further from the truth. I even remember the fustercluck about how dolphins assumedly 'gang-raped,' too, but even that was a misunderstanding based upon human projection. And that's a huge issue we have.

I don't know if it's because I'm on the autistic spectrum, whether it's because I'm introverted, or what have you, but I have a more objective view of things. So I'll see these butch wolves and I'll shake my head and have a bit of a sigh, and I'll think to myself 'well, there's some horny bugger who desperately wants to be a human alpha.'

That's really all unrealistically aggressive animals in games actually portray to me. It's bizarrely fetishistic.

Edit: I'm not saying that people who have harmed animals in video games are cold-hearted sociopaths, mind you. I want to clarify that. I'm saying that those nutjobs who actually WANT this are. The kind of nutjobs who upload Youtube videos talking about how much they like watching a person's head split apart and seeing the gore gush out when they snipe them. THOSE people. And I stand by that. I always will. That's not mentally well, Freud would have things to say about it.

I used TESVSnip and later a very early version of FO4Edit to actually modify the pacification in Fallout 4 for my life partner and I so that we would have a 100 per cent chance of pacification with no cooldown. We prefer doing that to make the critters friendly, the chance aspect felt unnecessarily cruel.

That's how we are, though. Even symbolically, in a video game, hurting an animal that doesn't really have the kind of capacity for genuinely evil psychopathy that we do feels wrong. It's my higher functions at work, which I would guess counts for most people.

And going by what I've read on the Nexus, that's actually true. Or maybe modders are just really kind people. Who knows? I don't. I'd need statistics to know! I'll be optimistic, though.