DayZ patch-in-testing sees players punished for swift disconnections

This man has no reason to disconnect. He merely incites disconnections.

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Since Dungeons & Dragons went Advanced, PC gamers have become accustomed to rerolling when things don’t go their way – character creation, fights, far-reaching conversation choices, and best-laid plans of all kinds.

That’s become something of a problem in DayZ, where some players have a habit of zipping in and out of servers like confused bees. No more of that, say Bohemia – in the near future, those bees will have to sit quietly on the naughty leaf for a specified period of time.

“Player queueing system introduced,” reads a line of the latest patch to hit DayZ’s experimental branch. “Penalty waiting time added for switching server or disconnecting a server quickly.”

The solution seems like a fair and practical means of discouraging server-swapping which doesn’t penalise innocent parties too harshly – after all, disconnections do happen.

The patch is intended to be implemented across the game at large between Wednesday and Friday next week.

Its other highlights include improvements to healing – morphine injections can now be used to fix broken legs as intended, and reviving a player using epinephrine or a defibrillator works if they’re below 500 units of blood.

You’ll be lucky to make it that far, though, as the early-game saving construction site backpack is no longer a guaranteed find – and military zombies have been made tougher. Last week’s patch, you might recall, ended backpack-Inception.

Former ghost town Svetlojarsk is now marginally less safe too, newly populated as it is by zombies. How badly do you reckon all this might have altered your chances of survival?

Thanks, VG247.