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Arma 2’s Chernarus has been imported to Arma 3, looks really nice


One canny modder has ported Chernarus – the fictional country at the heart of the action in Arma 2 and its popular mod, DayZ – into the newer and much snazzier engine that powers Arma 3.

This isn’t precisely what DayZ’s standalone version will look like. As Dean ‘Rocket’ Hall has made abundantly clear, DayZ will not run on the Arma 3 engine. No – this is just what Arma 2’s map looks like with all those pretty young lighting effects of Arma 3 shining at it. Yum.

Redditor PurePassion has helpfully snapped a few comparison shots of Sakura_Chan’s port, for the purpose of alternately eliciting two kinds of mutterings from you: “Cor!”, and “Is it just me or is the aspect ratio different or something?”




As I write, I’m acutely aware that the RL weather outside my window is lovely, and the yellow rectangles playing across the wall opposite are dancing the gleeful tango of irony. But will you just look at the way the digital sun bounces off that cracked-textured plaster? Phwoar.