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DayZ gets server hosting, for better modding and more customisation

DayZ devs Bohemia Interactive is releasing the game's server files today, allowing for custom servers and better mod support


Bohemia Interactive is releasing the DayZ server files, allowing anyone with enough computing power to host their own servers. The developers announced the release of the files in a blog post earlier this week, and say that the new access will allow players plenty of new customisation options.

The post states that “anyone with sufficient hardware will be able to host their own DayZ server.” Players will be able to configure their own servers directly, and extra customisation options also offer “new opportunities for modding as having access to the server files gives you much more freedom than ever before.”

Those new opportunities, however, do not extend to official mod support. Further down the post, which you can read in its entirety here, Bohemia says “it’s important to mention that even though we are thrilled to see what our community can make we are not officially supporting modding yet.” That’s because “some parts of the game can change a lot and we are still finishing the modding tools we want to provide to you in the future.”

I feel I should mention at this point the fact that the game was released in 2013, and is still in early access after five years of development. The fact that “some parts of the game can change a lot” does not feel like a title confidently gearing up to its full release (currently scheduled for this December). That said, Bohemia says it “won’t stand in the way of your creativity.”

If you want access to the server tools, you can head here. That thread, by DayZ community support member Impulz should give you a rundown of the download tools, as well as the system requirements you’ll need to meet to safely run your own server.