DayZ patch 0.52 adds a slew of features; includes gardening and grim suicide mechanics

DayZ Chainsaw

Dean ‘Rocket’ Hall may have departed Bohemia Interactive, but the team behind DayZ are still very much hard at work. They’ve just released a last minute patch to the game which adds a megaton of new items, areas and features to the game.

Among the new items and weapons, and two new villages, players can now set up gardening plots wherever they desire, as long as they have the right kit to do so. Also, if you get sick and tired of the apocalyptic world of Chernarus, you can now find a multitude of ways to end your life. Yes, that also includes via the newly added Chainsaw. 

Christmas trees have appeared in all the major big cities, which will award players with some very valuable loot, found at their bases. Just be careful though – it’ll surely attract plenty of attention, and they might not share your generous spirit.

New weapons have been added to the game. You can find the likes of a medieval long sword in castle ruins, or big hulking chainsaws in industrial areas. There’s plenty more, but those are the two most powerful by far.

Before, players could plant seeds in designated greenhouses, reaping a supply of constant vegetables for sustenance. Now, players can dig a gardening patch wherever they may please, as long as they have the right tools e.g. garden hoe, fertilizer.

If you find yourself in a bit of a pickle, or maybe you’ve just given up on surviving in the harsh zombie infested land, you now have the grim option to commit suicide; players could accomplish this before the update, by finding a great height to jump off of. Now, if you have a suitable weapon equipped, you’ll be able to use it to end your own life. Don’t worry you squeamish folk – there’s no gory animation. Yet.

Read the full patch notes on the next page; there’s a lot to read!

New Items:

Full Ghillie suite

Stone Knife




Meat cleaver

Prison uniform

Silencer east

Silencer NATO

Handgun Silencer

V3S interior

Teddy bear

Long Sword

MP5 Compensator

Prison Jacket

Prison Pants

Prison Cap

Hunting Knife

Pumpkin seeds

Pepper seeds

Wool dress (color variants)

Bomber jacket (color variants)

V3S (color variants)

New Mechanics:

Suicide (variants)

Using scopes for scouting

Redone horticulture mechanics

Redone spawn points and amount of vehicles

Exiting and entering animations for vehicles

Christmas presents

Crafting of fishing rod, stone knife, bow, with nature only resources

You can cut out seeds out of vegetables

Torch crafting

Blade sharpening

Silencers working

Using of almost all items for melee

New locations:

Kamensk village

Stary Yar village

Location “Lysaya Gora”

“Grozovye Doly”

Krasnoe village

Christmass assets

Meadows and Farms under Svergino village

Ratnoe village

Zaptudnoe village

Zaprudnoe kolhoz

Meadows and Farms near Grishino

Polesovo village

Updated locations:

Stary Yar surrounding

Kamensk mining complex

Severograd mines

Powerlines is now connected with West part of map

Forest improvments

General bugfixing


Muzzle blast, Impact sounds fixed.

Small fish trap exploit fixed

Supressor visible on steyraug now

Damage transfer added to ghillie crafting

Security fixes

Telescopic Baton retracting

Improved heatpack and gut heat transfer, support for multiple heat sources

Drowning while cuffed under water surface

Heatpack and more items properly positioned in hand

Supressor visible on steyraug now

Animation polish

Loot distribution polish

and much much more.

Known Issues:

Item locked in hands slot

Items can’t be picked up sometimes

Left earpice sound volume is lowered sometimes

Ghillie will probably react badly on chemlight, flare and other light sources

Some items will visually duplicate themselves if used from the ground

Server crashes

Client crash when disconnected from server