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DayZ patch 0.60 brings new renderer, UI and map changes


Update 16 June, 2016: The DayZ dev team have uploaded change logs for patch 0.60.

In a bid to keep fans fully up to date, the DayZ dev team has taken to the game’s forums to post change logs for patch 0.60, detailing all of the lovely changes the latest update has brought into play.

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“It's in a different format this time around where you'll get to see the raw data, so to say, related to the changes made to the Stable version,” said the dev team on Twitter. “Sensitive information as well as commits made for security and console versions have been removed from the change logs.”

You can check out the change log for the add ons here, and for the program here.

Original article 15 June, 2016: DayZ patch 0.60 has hit the main development branch today after spending a month in experimental testing, so you can go grab it yourself.

The patch to the standalone version of the zombie-centric mil-sim mod has a host of large changes to some smaller subsystems and larger player-facing ones too.

The biggest of these is a new renderer which supports DX11 while removing DX9 support and paving the way for DX12. Mid-range graphics cards (such as a GTX 970) should see around 100 frames-per-second now, during dense scenes of foliage and towns like Chernogorsk.

An update to the central economy will also allow developers to instantly alter what loot appears in which positions throughout Chernarus, without having to wait for a new version deployment.

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Further alterations have been made to the layout of Elektrozavodsk, Tulga and a bit of Chernogorsk, but the long-awaited contaminated area feature is not yet ready to go live. 

"The base itself has been updated but is not finished," the development team wrote in a blog update. "All major structures of Tisy Base are done, the different teams involved need to sit down with designers to actually set up how it will work. Brian Hicks wants to set a “slow burn” (or similar effect) on the character if player isn’t equipped with the proper HAZMAT gear."

You can see comparison videos to judge how bits of the map have changed, or how well the new renderer works, in the update post here. There are also an innumerable number of weapons and slight equipment changes to pore over, too.

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0V3RKILL avatarstanscut avatar
0V3RKILL Avatar
0V3RKILL(8 hours played)
1 Year ago

never really liked the game cause the items you need to find to survive are so small I could never see them. So, I would walk all over good stuff and never found anything. Also the zombies were so glitch. Going thru building and stuff. But, its been so long since the last time I played this game I should give it a try again soon.

stanscut Avatar
1 Year ago

The only problem I have with the DayZ Standalone: it comes 3 years too late and is far from finished yet. I have the feeling the Mod that came out for Arma 2 about 4 years ago was more complete than what we have now. So on the one side I regret buying this, on the other side I might be able enjoy this when im in pension