DayZ update introduces loot persistence and improved cows

DayZ Cows

DayZ has just received a very important update to its experimental servers, impacting loot in a significant way. Loot will now independently respawn without having to restart the server. It’s also persistent: if you drop an item on the ground, it’ll remain there even after a server restart.

Previously all servers would restart every 2-3 hours to make sure that Chernarus wasn’t picked clean, which also forced most servers to be constantly set in daytime hours.

Persistent loot has been a long awaited feature in the DayZ alpha. The current fix results in regular server restarts and persistent daytime, which can be rather immersion breaking. Soon this will be a thing of the past, as loot will remain between restarts, while also respawning independently.

Also in the update on the experimental update is a new weapon: the CR-527 Carbine. There’s also better and improved cows.

Rocket has also hinted at the progress of Vehicles, which are currently in internal development: