DayZ’s latest update adds contaminated zones, so get your hazmat gear ready

A new assault rifle and new modding tools round out update 1.14

A soldier in yellow hazmat gear looks over a town shrouded in poisonous green gas in DayZ.

Break out the biohazard gear, because DayZ has been contaminated. The latest update for the zombie survival game has added new contaminated areas, as well as a new assault rifle for handling the meat-based threats you’ll encounter inside them.

The contaminated areas are covered in a sickly green gas, for which you’ll need to wear protective NBC gear. Bohemia Interactive says it’s given special attention to the new contaminated zones to make sure they’re creepy and immersive, adding new visual and sound effects to enhance the feeling of being in a lethal environment. The zones come in two varieties: there are static areas, where you’ll find high-tier loot hidden away among the clouds of gas and hordes of undead; and dynamic areas, which move around the map.

Update 1.14 also adds a new assault rifle, the bullpup pattern LE-MAS. It’s a 5.56x45mm that accepts a new 25-round magazine, and it can be fired in single, burst, and fully automatic modes. To go with the new rifle, DayZ also has a new set of animations for bullpup style firearms.

Here’s the trailer:

YouTube Thumbnail

There are three new hunting traps included in this update as well. These include a snare trap for small game, plus a small fish bottle trap and a fishnet trap for larger species. If you’re more concerned about humans, there’s also a new tripwire booby trap – which means you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled for those.

Bohemia has also added a huge list of new modding bits and bobs to DayZ, which you can look over in the full patch notes. Update 1.14 is available now.