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You can now eat people in DayZ, but you might go slightly mad

DayZ Cannibal

Would you eat another human being if you were in a zombie apocalypse? Zombie simulator, DayZ, now poses that question to its players. But the community was worried that this new feature might further promote the “kill on sight” mentality of DayZ.

The developers though are already working on that, by putting in some rather alarming consequences.

While eating cooked human flesh doesn’t have any adverse side effects (yet), eating it raw can give you a brain disease called “Kuru” (yep it's a real disease). Symptoms include uncontrollable laughing, crying, shaking and eventually, death.

Youtuber WOBO dived into the experimental DayZ server to see what this Kuru actually entails:

I think it’s a pretty neat idea, although it still needs some work. What WOBO suggests would certainly help; adding a gun shake as a further progressive symptom. I also agree that merely cooking the human flesh shouldn’t completely devoid it of any consequences, merely reduce the chance of inheriting the disease.

What would you like to see added or changed?

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Tovias avatarnu1mlock avatarBelimawr avatarMrAptronym avatar
MrAptronym Avatar
3 Years ago

They should probably try to make a working game before piling on too much side stuff. If it is Kuru though, as a prion, cooking to a high temperature should make the meat safe, there are of course other risks in eating people. Seriously, don't eat people.

Tovias Avatar
3 Years ago

Jeez, can you imagine how awkward it will be when the guy you just met starts laughing out of nowhere now?

Belimawr Avatar
3 Years ago

not as funny as you doing it after someone giving you some mystery meat.

nu1mlock Avatar
3 Years ago

As of now, it feels like there's a higher chance of something happening, which will eventually force me to eat human flesh and get Kuru before they're actually finished with the game. So yeah, I'm kind of worried about Kuru.