DC Universe Online now lets you pwn DualShock-playing PS3 and PS4 noobs with cross-play


If you’ve ever wanted to throw a car at a Sony fanboy/fangirl – and let’s face it, who hasn’t? – now’s your chance. Cross play is now available on DC Universe Online, letting PC players face off against PS3 and PS4 players, potentially adding even more shades of grey to a game about good vs evil. 

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“DCUO players on PC and PS now play together with cross play,” said Daybreak Games on their blog yesterday. “When you log in today, you will seamlessly be playing with players on the opposite platform, including in groups, in leagues, in On Duty content, and in the open world.

“We hope you will enjoy the new faces you’ll meet, and the freedom to play with virtually anyone or everyone else (in your region) who plays DCUO.”

Apparently this change will be seamless, and will only really be noticeable because there will be loads more spandex-clad players around. That doesn’t mean you’ll be able to carry your character between platforms, however, as these will remain separate.

Cross-play arrives along with the release of Episode 21 which is available now for members, bringing a new Duo and a new 8-player Operation that asks you to plan and execute a prison break from maximum security onStryker’s Island.