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The dead aren’t monogamous: Dead Rising 3 shambling onto PC this summer

Dead Rising 3 coming to PC

It was only a matter of time, but that doesn’t diminish my glee – Dead Rising 3 is coming to PC. The Xbox One has loosened its greasy tendrils, releasing the ridiculous zombie romp from the nether realm of exclusivity. 

It will be in our hands soon, too, the delightfully loopy trailer confirms. This summer, in fact. I was contemplating replaying Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, but I think I’ll just wait for the third installment now. 

It does look like a lot of gory, costume-wearing silliness and that’s something I need more of in my life. It was the only Xbox One launch title that remotely tickled my fancy, and that list hasn’t grown any larger in the proceeding months.

The Dead Rising series is – despite it making no sense whatsoever – one of my favourite zombie outings. It’s just exceptionally good fun. Obliterating the undead while dressed up as Mega Man or a cross-dressing Groucho Marx is not something you get to do every day.

Now to wait and see if the PC version will come with any extra goodies or attached DLC. Capcom says that it will feature high PC resolutions with optimised visuals for wide screen, Steam trading cards and achievements, global leader boards and full controller support. It will be compatible with keyboard and mouse setups too, though, and can be switched between controller or traditional setups on the fly.