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DBD free anniversary event kicks off with bags full of chaos

The annual Dead by Daylight anniversary event has just started and one new character is looking to add a little chaos into your life.

DBD free anniversary event kicks off with bags full of chaos: A snappily dressed Bill from Left 4 Dead opens an invitation in Dead by Daylight.

Birthdays can be a mixed thing. For some of us, it’s a time of celebration. For others, commiseration. In Dead by Daylight it’s always a mixed bag, as there’ll be a ton of celebratory stuff going on but as it’s an online horror game, there’ll be a downside too. This year that comes in the form of Tryks, a character who’s looking to have some fun – potentially at your expense.

If you’ve played Dead by Daylight through previous anniversary events you’ll probably be familiar with the majority of this year’s Twisted Masquerade. The multiplayer horror game gets a temporary makeover with each match becoming filled with collectible invites that give you rewards and a few extra powers. There’s also new cosmetics and a ton of ways to earn more bloodpoints, for those among us looking to level up a few characters.

Where this year’s event differs is in the introduction of Tryks. This mischievous character adds a bunch of chaotic events to each match using her Bag of Tyrks. At the start of a match she’ll draw five cards which will activate throughout with differing effects, with every current card replacing the previous one. Here’s what they can do:

  • You’re Invited: Players receive a charged Invitation.
  • No Invite For You!: Players lose an Invitation.
  • Peekaboo!: Players have their aura revealed.
  • Move It Or Lose It!: Players get a haste bonus.
  • Heal You, Expose You!: All injured survivors are healed but become exposed.
  • Wait, Where…?: Survivors leave no scratch marks and the killer becomes undetectable.
  • Party Totem!: All dull totems are revealed but transform into anniversary totems.
  • Party Chest!: All unopened chests become anniversary chests.
  • Zzl Zilch!: Nothing.

While some of these effects are mild, they can add a bit of unpredictability to a match, especially if you’re dealing with a bunch of survivors that are hidden in bushes.

Alongside the anniversary event a new patch also dropped. Mainly focused around bug fixes, there’s also a couple of changes to two of Chucky’s addons – power drill and automatic screwdriver. There’s also a brand new graphics option to reduce the amount of information players receive when about to pick up a new item in-match.

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The Dead by Daylight eighth anniversary event is live now and will run until Thursday June 4th. Get the full lowdown on what’s happening over on the official DBD site.

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