Dead by Daylight is at its historically lowest price on Steam

Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight, that multiplayer survival game that pits one unkillable killer against a team of four vulnerable civilians, is on offer. 

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In it, you have to use stealth, speed, and cunning to keep your distance from a relentless threat. Or, if you’re the killer, you have to hunt down the other players without mercy and stick them on meat hooks.

It’s meant to be a good laugh, by all accounts. Overall, reviews on Steam are mostly positive, though they’re mixed more recently, citing bugs and connection issues.

Still, if there was ever a time to take a punt, that would be now. Dead by Daylight is currently 40% off on Steam, so it’ll cost you $11.99.

The multiplayer title still boasts a healthy playerbase, too, despite complaints that recent patches have worsened the game. You have until March 13 to get it at the deal price.