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Dead by Daylight has a new killer today – a legion of murderous teens

Darkness Among Us is the latest update for Dead by Daylight, and as usual that means there’s a free map for everyone along with paid DLC that unlocks a new killer and survivor. It’s all live right now.

Mount Ormond Resort is the new map, set in an abandoned Canadian ski resort. Ormond hit tough times after tourism and mining industries both fell apart, and the new map is set in the crossroads of that decay – a bunch of broken down lodges and industrial equipment that now hosts teenagers getting up to shenanigans.

The new killer is The Legion – a cult-like gang of those violent teens. That basically means there are a handful of different cosmetic looks that put different people under Legion’s mask, but the killer’s abilities and playstyle all remain the same. The Feral Frenzy power boosts speed and gives you the ability to vault over pallets. While it’s active, your attacks will drop the bleeding effects of Deep Wound on enemies, and they’ll restore your entire power gauge while revealing the location of other survivors.

Jeff Johansen is the new survivor – “an artist with a heart of gold.” Yes, that means he’s a hipster, right down to the penchant for brewing beer at home. His perks include Breakdown, which will destroy a hook any time you escape from it, and Aftercare, which lets you see fellow survivors anywhere on the map after you’ve done a friendly interaction with them. Distortion gives Jeff a limited number of tokens which will prevent his aura from being revealed to the killer.

You can see all those new features in action below.

Hopefully Legion can slot in well among our Dead by Daylight killer rankings. The map will be available next time you log in, and the DLC pack with Jeff and Legion is available for $6.99 / £5.19 / €6.99.

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