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DBD’s newest and most controversial map gets big killer buff

Dead by Daylight’s latest map has made life miserable for both killers and survivors, but there might be light at the end of the tunnel.

DBD’s newest and most controversial map gets big killer buff: Vecna from DnD and DBD stands in his library.

In its most recent chapter Dead by Daylight has brought everyone a serving of pure fantasy due to teaming up with Dungeons and Dragons. Elf and human bards, a lich, and a brand new map have all slid into the game, mostly without issue. That’s not to say completely without issue, however, as there’s been a few problems – especially in the new map.

It’s safe to say that generally the Dead by Daylight community hasn’t been having fun on the Forgotten Ruins map. Both survivors and killers have their own complaints, focused around different areas. For killers in the multiplayer game, entering the ruins themselves and going underground has been a recipe for disaster, while survivors have been struggling with the outside. A new patch which dropped today has fixed some of these issues, especially for killers.

First up is the lack of hooks in the dungeon. At least four will spawn now, meaning there’ll be fewer chances for a long schlep back to the surface with a rapidly escaping survivor on your shoulder. The teleporting passages have also been altered, now spawning further away from pallets and vaults to ensure killers won’t get bonked on the head or lose their prey so easily. Traversing them has been tweaked, with survivors taking slightly longer to go through and killers being sped up.

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For survivors, however, there aren’t any positive changes meaning that the existing complaints will continue for the time being. Those struggling with opening exit gates on the Forgotten Ruins or being stuck in a near-impossible three generator situation outside will see no reprieve here. It also appears that the chance for a pallet to spawn which doesn’t block a passage has also not been resolved, so killers can still just hop out of the way and continue the chase in certain conditions.

Elsewhere today’s patch fixes a few issues with the anniversary event, changes up some Vecna abilities, and solves some other problems including one that potentially led to a stalemate situation where the match would never end.

Update 8.0.2 is out now for Dead by Daylight and you can head over to the Steam announcement to read the full patch notes.

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