Dead by Daylight killers can now play against bots in BHVR horror game

Dead by Daylight killers can now play against bots in the BHVR horror game, as update 6.4.0 and the Forged in Fog DLC bring Knight and new DBD survivor Vittorio

Dead by Daylight killers can now play against bots in BHVR horror game: Ghostface from horror game Dead by Daylight holds a knife and makes the peace sign

Dead by Daylight killers will now have the chance to hone their slaughter skills against AI bots in the BHVR horror game, as update 6.4.0, and new DLC pack Forged in Fog, bring The Knight, new DBD survivor Vittorio, a fresh map, and various tweaks and changes.

Dead by Daylight custom matches will now allow killers to either add bots to fill gaps in the survivor roster, or forge a completely AI-driven survivor squad so they can practise their murdering solo. DBD killers are also getting a leg up with 6.4.0 thanks to a new perk, Nowhere to Hide, whereby whenever you damage a generator, the aura of all survivors standing within 24 metres of your position will be revealed for between three and five seconds.

Another new hex perk, Face the Darkness, also seems to offer an advantage to killers. Whenever you injure a survivor, the dull totem is lighted which activates the hex. While the hex is active, all other survivors outside of your terror radius will emit a scream every 25 to 30 seconds, revealing their positions and auras for two seconds. The hex is deactivated once the survivor you injured initially is put into a dying state.

The changes come alongside the new Forged in Fog DLC, which introduces The Knight, as well as fresh Dead by Daylight survivor Vittorio, and new map The Shattered Square.

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And speaking of survivors, 6.4.0 isn’t all about killers, with BHVR saying that they plan to introduce AI murderers in future updates, so victims can practise their skills solo, too. “This will take some time,” the developer says, “since the AI needs to be trained to use each killer’s power first”.

New survivor perks may also offer some balance between DBD’s eternally warring sides. Fogwise means that every time you hit a great skill check while repairing a generator, the aura of the killer will be revealed for between four and six seconds.

If you are being chased within 24 metres of a generator, Quick Gambit offers a 6% to 8% repair-speed boost to any survivor working on that generator. On the flipside, if you’re carrying a flashlight, killers are now immune to blindness when they grab you out of a locker.

6.4.0 also includes a slew of bug fixes, resolving the issue where you’d get stuck between the hook and the rack on the RPD map, and the problem with not being able to heal dying-state survivors if they were on a stairway.

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