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Two underused DBD killers will get a massive boost in viability

Dead by Daylight is about to get some massive quality of life changes which could see two killers become much more deadly and popular.

Two underused DBD killers will get a massive boost in viability: The Knight from DBD stands in front of Toba Landing.

Most killers in Dead by Daylight are pretty simple to learn and use, at their core. While they all have a set of powers, most come down to things that are easy to understand. The Huntress, for example, boils down to chucking hatchets at people. Michael Myers looks at survivors until it’s time to do some killing, and so on. There are two, however, that are prohibitively complicated especially for new players, but that’s all about to change.

The Singularity is one of them. This Dead by Daylight killer uses biopods to spy on different areas in the horror game, along with being able to teleport. The counterplay for survivors is to use EMPs dotted around the map to shut its powers down, something that happens all too frequently. These are both getting changed in an upcoming patch, with biopods usage and teleporting being made much simpler and versatile, and EMPs being modified to be less bountiful and have fewer constricting effects.

The Knight is the other killer that can be difficult to use which is also getting some massive quality of life changes. First among this is a change in its power, where it can summon helpers to chase down survivors. Previously this was used to great effect when chasing a survivor, dropping a guard to double up on the hunt, but less useful elsewhere. Now Knights will be incentivized to send guards on longer hunts, with a slight nerf to their efficacy when used in the middle of a chase. In addition, Knights will be able to choose which guard out of the four to use at any time, instead of relying on an automatic rotation.

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Players who use both killers are, so far, reacting positively to these changes. Singularity players especially are looking forward to the skill ceiling for the killer being lowered for new players, with options for high level play also being enhanced. Knight players are more cautious, but on paper these changes seem to enhance the killer’s core abilities and provide different ways to play.

Elsewhere there’s plenty for DBD players to rejoice about as well. Perks Iron Will and Autodidact are getting buffs, hooks survivors die on will respawn meaning there will be fewer dead zones, and there’s much more in this month’s developer update.

You can check out the full update over on the Dead by Daylight site, though there’s no indication just yet about when these changes will hit the game.

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