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DBD’s new game-changing mode gets launch date in July roadmap

If you want something new in Dead by Daylight, the new 2v8 mode will shake up the game with more killers and survivors than ever before.

DBD’s new game-changing mode gets launch date in July roadmap: The Wraith stands in front of the RPD map in DBD.

It doesn’t matter how much you love a game, after a while you’ll need to mix it up a little. In Dead by Daylight this happens pretty regularly, with recent modes like Lights Out, Chaos Shuffle, and the Twisted Masquerade adding a few twists to the game’s formula. The next mode players will get to experience promises to fundamentally alter how the game works and is something fans have been requesting for years, and it just got a launch date.

The upcoming 2v8 mode does exactly what it says in the name. Two killers will face off against eight survivors, in a match that doubles what’s normally possible in Dead by Daylight. This is a mode that’s been rumored for years, with the community repeatedly asking for its inclusion and now – after a long wait – it’ll be hitting the horror game soon.

The way it’ll work is a little different to the standard game, even down to how some interactions play out in the mode. Firstly, the killer selection is limited to the five free killers, meaning you’ll only be able to choose from Trapper, Wraith, Huntress, Hillbilly, and Nurse. The maps themselves are being altered too – becoming much larger to encompass the larger number of players running about in them. Hooks won’t be appearing either. Instead, when a killer catches a survivor, they’ll simply teleport them to a cage – similar to how Pyramid Head’s ability works.

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What this all adds up to is a mode that doesn’t just present the standard game with a few changes, it looks to make a game that’s fundamentally different. Of course, it may fall flat on its face but that’s one of the wonderful things about DBD – that willingness to try new things. With the recent change to the game’s menu which separates out additional modifiers and modes from the main game, it means even if this new mode is a flop – you can simply ignore it and head into normal matches.

Dead by Daylight’s 2v8 mode will run from Thursday July 25 to Thursday August 8. This launch date has been revealed as part of the DBD roadmap for July, which also shows off a few other points of interest such as the Lara Croft DBD chapter release date which will coincide with the launch of tome 20, titled Mythic.

The full July 2024 roadmap for DBD.

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