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DBD dev teases what’s next for the horror game in Reddit AMA

Dead by Daylight’s developer has taken to Reddit to answer some community questions and dropped a few answers about what’s happening next.

DBD dev teases what’s next for the horror game in Reddit AMA: Freddy from the new Nightmare on Elm Street stands in front of a cinema.

Reddit AMA (ask me anything) threads can be bloodbaths. Some developers and celebrities think they’ll get an easy ride but it can often turn into an utter PR nightmare. Today, Behaviour Interactive – developer of Dead by Daylight – has taken to Reddit to answer questions from the community. For once the sharks weren’t in the waters and there was no real blood spilled, but we did get to glimpse a few details about what’s next for the game.

One of the recent problems affecting the Dead by Daylight community’s enjoyment of the multiplayer game has been issues related to certain maps. When you start a match and load into a few different places, you can be forgiven if you let loose a big sigh. Behaviour is aware of this and is looking to revamp and alter a few maps, with Badham Preschool, Garden of Joy, Midwich Elementary School, and Backwater Swamp all in the firing line for updates.

In addition, Behaviour confirmed how it looks at buffs and changes to killers, survivors, and perks. Generally it tries to update ones which are used less often – which was the driving factor behind the recent Twins update. Perks are currently under the spotlight, with rarely seen ones receiving key alterations and buffs in order to bring them up to the level of others. That said, Behaviour also let slip that one killer is going to receive some much-needed love soon: Freddy, from the A Nightmare on Elm Street chapter.

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Rewards will also be examined going forward. Currently when a killer or survivor hits prestige level nine, they will stop receiving any particular rewards. With many players powering through to the maximum – level 100 – the developer is looking at adding specific rewards at some point to recognize that achievement. For those tired of blue, cosmetic rewards from the battle pass-esque Rift system will also see some updates, primarily focused around moving away from the azure-tinted color scheme players have grown to know so well.

While the communication around the game has sometimes been criticized recently – such as around the surprising yet slightly underwhelming reveal of Lara Croft – it’s great to see a developer taking the time to get up close and personal with a rough crowd like the one found on Reddit. If you’d like to check the full answers given by the team, you can head over to the AMA thread to read more.

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