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Dead by Daylight Resident Evil leaks reveal Wesker, Ada Wong

A new Dead by Daylight Resident Evil chapter is coming and multiple leaks reveal the killer and survivors, as well as some terrifying chase music

Wesker is coming in the next Dead by Daylight Resident Evil chapter

A number of Dead by Daylight leaks potentially reveal some major details about the second Resident Evil crossover, which was announced during the sixth-anniversary celebrations. The new Dead by Daylight Resident Evil Project W chapter leaks shows the Wesker killer, Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers survivors, and some bad-ass chase music.

After the success of the last Dead by Daylight and Resident Evil collaboration for the horror game‘s fifth anniversary in 2021, it was rumoured and then confirmed by developer Behaviour Interactive that a second collab was coming soon – with the teasing title of ‘Project W.’

It was quickly leaked that the next chapter would include Albert Wesker as the new killer – hence the ‘W’ – as well as Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers as playable survivors. Now, the first look at character models for each one has leaked online via DbDLeaks – with all sporting their classic appearances.

A number of details about Wesker have also leaked, including his killer name of ‘The Mastermind.’ He can vault faster, see survivors when carrying a downed player (gasp), and can even transform into his Resident Evil 5 form to charge forward and infect survivors. When he does this, his chase music alters to this terrifying cacophony.

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These are all leaks so haven’t been announced yet, so don’t take them as finalised. As to when we’ll actually see the second Resident Evil chapter, it’s unknown if we’ll see it before the return of Stranger Things to Dead by Daylight. We’ll have to wait and see.

At the very least, you don’t have long to wait until the Dead by Daylight dating sim releases. No, we didn’t make that up.