Dead by Daylight leak reveals horrific new killer The Dredge

A new Dead by Daylight leak seems to reveal the new killer for Chapter 24 and the horror multiplayer game's 6th anniversary - and it's called The Dredge

Nemesis is prepared to greet the new Dead By Daylight The Dredge killer

A new Dead by Daylight leak seemingly reveals the new killer coming in the horror game‘s Chapter 24 this month, which was supposed to be unveiled as part of the 6th-anniversary celebrations. If the leak is correct, the killer is an eyeless creature out of a Bloodborne or Amnesia nightmare called The Dredge.

A leak on Reddit seems to have revealed the new Dead by Daylight The Dredge killer prior to its official showing on May 17 for the multiplayer game‘s sixth anniversary. The leaked pictures – which also show the rather intense new survivor Haddie Kaur too – purport to show the disgusting long-mouthed monster The Dredge as it appears in-game. If real, it’s certainly the most inhuman killer in Dead by Daylight this side of the Stranger Things Demogorgon, although it has a similar vertical mouth to The Blight.

The leak also reveals all of The Dredge’s new abilities too and it seems its main power is darkness. Its special ability Nightfall builds the more actions The Dredge takes, like injuring or hooking a survivor, and when its meter is filled the map is flooded in “total darkness” and its abilities become enhanced.

The Dredge also has the ability to teleport, either back to a “remnant” it drops or – terrifyingly – into a locker. This is the first time a killer has been able to enter a locker themselves, which is mostly just a hiding spot for survivors – or occasional weapon restock point. Reportedly, if there is a survivor hiding in there already, it’s an instant catch.

The Dead by Daylight 6th anniversary livestream is on May 17, where The Dredge and the rest of the Chapter 24 details will be revealed officially.

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There are also rumours about Chapter 25 being a second Resident Evil collaboration, which you should take with a grain of salt – but after the success of the first one, we wouldn’t be at all surprised.

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