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DBD and Tomb Raider collide with Lara Croft survivor you can play now

Lara Croft is the new survivor entering the fog as Dead by Daylight unearths a new licensed chapter to bring into the multiplayer game.

DBD and Tomb Raider collide with Lara Croft survivor you can play now: Lara Croft stands on the Rotting Fields map in DBD.

If there’s one thing the new Tomb Raider games has taught me, it’s that Lara Croft deserves a bit of time off. No more rolling off cliffs, no more world-shattering events, no more waves of faceless mooks all hell-bent on her demise. No, she needs a rest. Unfortunately that’s not on the cards for her, as Lara Croft is about to enter the fog as the newest Dead by Daylight survivor.

Unlike some of the survivors in Dead by Daylight, at least Lara Croft has come face to face with horror before. Her rebooted Tomb Raider installments have been quite grim from time to time, though not on the scale of some of the things she’ll encounter in the next DBD chapter. She might’ve survived a magic island filled with mercenaries but now she’ll have to contend with supernatural toys, aliens from the far future, and Skull Merchant. No, it looks like her horrors are only about to begin as she enters the asymmetrical multiplayer game.

Dead by Daylight continues to surprise as it brings more killers and survivors under its wide wings. Though some horror characters are still notably absent (Jason, I’m looking at you), developer Behaviour Interactive is continuing to pull out the stops, introducing survivors and killers few would suspect would be possible. Recently Chucky and Alien were two massive surprises, both in terms of how they play in-game but also the seeming improbability of bringing these licenses into the game.

With the upcoming Tomb Raider Chapter starring Lara Croft as a survivor, it feels like another threshold has been crossed. Now the potential is there not only for other Crystal Dynamics games to cross over, like the upcoming Perfect Dark reboot, but also for other titles from the wider Embracer group. Will we see Death from Darksiders 2 running through Toba Landing? The titular character from Goat Simulator ragdolling in Racoon City Police Station? We might even get to see Adam Jensen, if we’re lucky.

While there’s no indication that this mashup will bring any further Embracer properties onto the Dead by Daylight roster, it does mean the boundaries of what’s possible have just shifted – again.

Dead by Daylight: Tomb Raider Chapter will launch on Tuesday July 16. If you can’t wait until then, you can play Lara Croft right now on Steam as part of the time-limited public test build.

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