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Big Dead Cells sale is the best time to try the immaculate roguelike

Incredible Steam roguelike game Dead Cells is a must play, and you can snag the action platformer at a big discount along with all DLC.

Dead Cells Steam sale is the perfect time to try the immaculate roguelike - A cartoon person with a giant flaming eyeball for a head.

Choosing the best roguelike game on Steam is tough, with contenders including Slay the Spire, The Binding of Isaac, Risk of Rain 2, FTL Faster Than Light, and the incoming (and very promising) Hades 2. But for sheer gameplay satisfaction and replayability, Dead Cells might just be the pick. Combining slick, speedy action platforming and soulslike-tinged combat with a wealth of build variety and some impeccable DLC, Dead Cells is a must-play, and a Steam sale means now is a great time to do so.

To celebrate the launch of the first episode of the Dead Cells animated show, there’s a hefty discount on one of the best roguelike games I’ve ever played. Don’t just take my word for it, either – boasting an overwhelmingly positive 97% Steam review score from more than 130,000 players, Dead Cells is an experience you owe it to yourself to try.

At its core, Dead Cells is very much an action game first and foremost, and it delights in delivering some of the most satisfying 2D combat you’ll ever find. Precise jumps and dodges, clear enemy tells and feedback, and a vast array of weapons and tools at your disposal means you always feel fully in control of your fate, even in the most challenging boss fights. With branching paths to explore, additional abilities to unlock, and a whole heap of gear to add to your item pool, there’s always something new to keep you coming back for that next run.

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I really can’t recommend Dead Cells enough. If you have a penchant for action platformers, you need to experience how clean and compelling every hit feels. If you love the build variety of a good roguelike, meanwhile, you won’t leave disappointed. Claymores, rapiers, whips, hammers, bows, javelins, shields, and even boots to kick your enemies into walls – and that’s just the start. Add in the likes of grenades, turrets, magic, and a multitude of ways to combo abilities (I’m always a fan of oil + fire) and you can be sure no two runs will be quite the same.

Building on that is a wealth of delicious DLC add-ons that are all well worth your time, culminating in the magnificent Return to Castlevania crossover that brings Dracula and his iconic minions into Dead Cells as an optional pair of biomes. Each expansion pack is also included in the Steam sale if you’re a long-time player that hasn’t picked them up, or you can grab them all together with the base game at a hefty discount.

Dead Cells Return to Castlevania - Dracula sits on his throne holding a glass of wine (perhaps).

Dead Cells is 50% off on Steam through Wednesday June 26, so expect to pay just $12.49 / £10.99 for your copy, down from $24.99 / £21.99. You can also get the Medley of Pain bundle including the base game and all DLC for $23.55 / £20.68 – that’s 53% off its usual price of $49.95 / £43.96. Simply head here to take advantage of the deal.

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