How to change quests in Dead Island 2

Don’t get stuck in time-consuming side quests, unless you want to, of course, and be sure you know how to change quests in Dead Island 2.

Change quests in Dead Island 2 - Michael, a Dead Island 2 NPC, who plays a part in most of the early game main story quests.

Need to know how to change quests in Dead Island 2? Switching quests and tracking the right one is essential if you pick up a side quest by mistake. We know from previous Dead Island games that there are always desperate NPCs coming to you with their – understandable – problems in the new, zombie-plagued existence. Dead Island 2, being faithful to the original despite the change in developer, is no different.

When you’re busy exploring HELL-A in Dead Island 2, you’ll come across some colourful characters all wanting your help in one way or another – though, being LA, these differ some from previous Dead Island games, with social media influencers and pants-less party animals among the Californian NPCs. If you accidentally take on a six-wave zombie-slaying side quest and need to return to your main quest before you can tackle it, like we did for our Dead Island 2 review, you’ll need to retrigger the original quest or you won’t be able to progress through the zombie game. That said, here’s how to switch quests in Dead Island 2.

The quests screen in Dead Island 2, showing a list of both main quests and side quests.

How do you change quests in Dead Island 2?

To change quests in Dead Island 2, press the Quest Log button, and select the current quest you wish to continue. Your map, waypoint, and instructions will all change to match the current quests. As in many games, the default quest log button is ‘L’, but you can check the settings if you’re not sure of your current keybind.

Without first switching quests, you won’t be able to access necessary areas of the Dead Island 2 map to carry on your story. While punching through the skulls of seemingly endless waves of zombies might seem like fun, it can get a bit tiresome by the fourth wave, so we wouldn’t blame you for wanting to get back to the task at hand.

You do need to complete side quests in order to earn all of the Dead Island 2 blueprints and collectibles though, so equip the right Dead Island 2 skills for each of your slayers, fix up your weapons, and get ready to help out those crazy HELL-A quest-givers. It’s a big year for survival horror games, and there’s some stuff competition out there, so while we’re not sure we can count Dead Island 2 as one of the best PC games of all time, it sure is a lot of fun.