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Dead Island 2 Skopes - server offline fix

Fixing the Dead Island 2 Skopes server offline error won’t improve your zombie-slaying abilities, but it does give you all the latest gossip of Hell-A.

The manufacturer of Dead Island 2 Skopes, tech mogul Konradt Numen.

Dead Island 2 Skopes serve as the gruesome zombie game’s virtual assistants. They’re typically found in the homes of Hell-A’s rich and famous, so it’s no surprise that you find them pretty early on in your journey. However, odds are that you’ve attempted to activate one, only to be met with an error: server offline.

You’d be forgiven for assuming the Dead Island 2 Skope server offline error relates to Dead Island 2’s online connectivity, but it’s actually the first clue to solving a specific side-quest in the RPG game. Here’s everything you need to know about Dead Island 2 Skopes, including how to fix the server offline error and what they actually provide.

The display for Dead Island 2 Skopes in the OSK store.

How to fix the Dead Island 2 Skope server offline error

You can fix the server offline error for Dead Island 2 Skopes during ‘The Search For Truth’ story mission after reaching the Serling Hotel in Ocean Avenue. Your primary objective is to reboot the servers in the OSK store, but gaining access to them requires a keycard. Thankfully, you can collect the OSK Server Room Keycard by dispatching Henry, the named zombie located in the alleyway outside.

Return to the server room door and unlock it using the OSK Server Room Keycard. Fight your way through the server room and pull the lever to restore power to the building, then hit the switch to bring the Skope servers back online.

The server room to activate Dead Island 2 Skopes, characterised by metal racks and yellow wires.

Once the Dead Island 2 Skope servers are back online, the server offline error is replaced with the prompt to use them. Unlike Dead Island 2 skills and perks, Skopes won’t provide you with any benefit to your chosen slayer, but they do deliver valuable lore and background of Hell-A and the zombie outbreak itself. If you have an insatiable hunger for lore, be sure to circle back to all the Skopes that appear in previous areas.

Now that the Dead Island 2 Skopes are online, you’ll likely want to double back and activate the ones you’ve had to leave behind. Pick up some Dead Island 2 fuses to swipe some valuable loot along the way, and change quests if there are any side missions in previous areas yet to be completed. If you’re up for a bit of light reading, our Dead Island 2 review delves into our own time up in the Hollywood Hills.