Big changes hit Dead Island: Epidemic in the move to open beta

Dead Island: Epidemic open beta

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Dead Island: Epidemic, the free-to-play zombie MOBA, shuffled into open beta today. With the new phase of early access comes an additional game mode, Crossroads, and overhauls to the loot, weapon modification and progression systems. 

Lots of changes, then, but one things remains the same: there are rather a lot of zombies that need their skulls bashed in. Actually, there are even more, as a bunch of new, particularly grotesque, undead monstrosities have invaded the game. 

And here are the patch notes:



    • Added support for two currencies for shop items, the user can choose which currency to use.
    • DLCs are now available in the Shop. User will be linked to steam overlay to purchase.


    • Fixed a bug causing Leaderboard ‘Games Played’ not to refresh after crossroads missions.


  • VO implemented for Amber and Charlie
  • VO lines have been improved
  • Hostile Scavengers have been changed around:
    • Isys -> Charlie
    • Bryce -> Fuse


  • Minor balance tweaks to a couple of Crossroad kill enemy missions.
  • Melee Viability Improvements
    • Melee weapon attacks now ignore 15% of zombies defense
      • This will increase melee weapon damage towards stronger enemies such as Specials,
    • Hoarders and Massives.
    • Walkers, Runners, Spitters and other weaker zombies are not affected by this change
    • Ability tweaks to Massive Ram (should now be a bit more melee friendly)
    • Ability tweaks to Massive Puller (should now be a bit more melee friendly)
  • Uncontrollable Attribute now makes enemies immune to Charlies Bola Skill
  • Fixed an issue with Wanta’s Soul Claim and respawn/wipe in Crossroads. A dead Wanta with Soul Claim still active will no longer count as a dead player.


  • Fixed an issue with the Leadership Buff, this buff will now only affect allied players.
  • Fixed an issue with attack speed and latency. Latency should no longer effect attack speed.


  • Survivor Berg – Mahogany Slam with Seismic Impact will now throw Looters up into the air

Additional Mini-Patches

  • Fixed an issue where the music was not changing correctly based on events and time of day in both Crossroads and Scavenger
  • Fixed an issue that stopped players with too low FPS from capturing the supply point in the Scout Mission
  • Fixed an issue with Armored Isys’ turret not being fully upgrade-able. This fix is going to be applied throughout the day on a server by server basis so it might take a while until you notice the effect