Dead Rising 3 trailer gives hope game may be silly after all

Dead Rising 3 Capcom

There was a serious danger that the silly had been sucked out of Dead Rising 3. While we watched the E3 footage in the PCGamesN chatroom there was a sense of despair. Yes, there were lots of zombies on screen, and, yes, the world did look more detailed than any of the games previous, but where was the colour? Where were the costumes? And where were the explosions of blood brought about by gardening implements?

They were waiting for the Happy Together trailer.

It’s only 30 seconds but, golly, are they enjoyable.

So long as I can strap a lawnmower engine to a broom and wave it from the window of my muscle car while I drive through a 3,000-strong crowd of zombies who are all wearing an assortment of slogan-emblazoned t-shirts and comedy hats then I’ll be happy.

Looks like I can.

Thanks, Capcom. Thapcom.

While a PC release still hasn’t been confirmed, we’re pretty confident we’ll be seeing a port announcement after the game ships with the launch of the new Xbox. The previous games have made it to PC so it stands to reason this one will, too.