Watch as we turn hundreds of zombies into red sloppy mush in Dead Rising 4

Let's Play Dead Rising 4

It’s the end of the year, which means it’s the time for office parties and end-of-term gatherings. When you’re standing in the middle of those crowds, suffocating on humanity and crying inside because the music is so bad, you may want to lash out with, say, a circular saw mounted to the end of a sledgehammer. To stop you from getting into trouble with the law, we did exactly that in Dead Rising 4 so you don’t have to. 

Like keeping the undead at bay? Try a brilliant zombie game.

In today’s PCGamesN Let’s Play, Matt takes control of photo journalist Frank West as he endures yet another apocalypse. Along for the ride is Jordan, who has a few concerns about the ethical treatment of zombies in Capcom’s latest undead smash-em-up.

From simple bowie knives to battle axes that unleash Thor-like lightning storms, there’s plenty of zombie splattering methods to be seen in the above video. It’s just the first half an hour of the game, too, so we can only imagine what kind of mad weapons can be strapped together later on.

If you’re captivated by the gameplay in our Let’s Play, don’t forget to check out our Dead Rising 4 PC port review. And if you loved watching us get soaked in blood, remember to subscribe to our PCGamesN YouTube channel for more footage of us doing silly videogame stuff.

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