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Teaser trailer reveals Dead Rising remaster with new Frank West

Dead Rising is coming back in a big way with an upcoming remaster that looks to update everything about the classic, including a new Frank.

Teaser trailer reveals Dead Rising remaster with new Frank West: The new Frank West jumps out of a chopper with pure glee on his face.

If I were in a zombie apocalypse scenario, I would simply not go to a mall filled with thousands of the undead waiting to tear my body to pieces. Not so for photographer Frank West, a man who’s drawn to zombies like a moth to a flame. Dead Rising introduced us to everyone’s favorite picture snapper and now 18 years after launch it’s getting remastered with a brand new version.

Revealed via the nearly-defunct Dead Rising X account with a short teaser trailer, it’s hard to get an exact glimpse of what form this remastered version will take. What we can tell, however, is that the legendary zombie game looks to be heading in a slightly different direction. It looks like Capcom is working on a reimagining of the game, rather than just a bit of polish as we saw in the 2016 re-release. If you’d like to take a look at how that previous remaster holds up, our Dead Rising PC port review has you covered.

There are two things which point to this remaster holding a considerable ambition to change things up. The first is simply the game’s graphics, though only a few moments from the game’s start is shown it’s clear that this is a massive leap forward from what we received in 2006. That might be an obvious statement, as 18 years has seen a lot of enhancements in the visual department in gaming, but it’s still surprising to see just how much better Dead Rising is looking now.

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The other large change relates to the player – or rather to Frank West. Along with the game’s general remastered visuals, Frank is getting an entirely new look. Gone are his Michael Madsen-esque features and in comes something much more stylized, complete with some of the floppiest hair I’ve seen in gaming. In addition to a new appearance the voice actor has also been changed, with original VO artist T.J. Rotolo not returning for this reimagined installment. There’s no information just yet who will be voicing Frank West, though potentially it could see the return of Dead Rising 4 actor Ty Olsson.

Currently there is no indication about when the Dead Rising deluxe remaster will be released, though the teaser promises that there will be more information “soon”.

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