Dead Space 3 co-op trailer features toy soldiers. Freakily oversized toy soldiers


Dead Space 3’s latest trailer shows off something of the co-op story campaign. It’s much akin to the previous games in that dead flesh is grotesquely reanimated to be unanimated by you and a variety of weaponry. this time, though, you’re doing it all with a friend. It would almost be sweet if your friend weren’t hallucinating and seeing your head as that of a corpse.

Yup, lots of nasty reanimating going on there. I mean, did the corpses have to have bugs burrow into the dead, rotting flesh? It’s put me right off my Saturday afternoon trifle.

The Dead Space games so far have both suffered from the issue diminishing returns, after the first time a nercromorph comes back from the dead in front of you the jump rarely returns, so it will be interesting to see if co-op changes that at all.

Dead Space 3 is aiming for a 7 February release date.