Dead Space 3 Dev-team edition comes with a magic marker


Standard edition; limited edition; special edition; collector’s edition; director’s cut; XL; Bigger, longer, and uncut; megaxplex edition; extraordinary rendition; and now dev-team edition.

Personally, dev-team edition sounds like a debug mode, you know the type of thing: you boot the game and asset codes run down the screen, unbaked levels load and animations pop and jitter with place holder models being swapped in and out of view left, right, and centre. But no, apparently the dev-team edition of Dead Space 3 is the collector’s edition of collector’s editions. It comes in a special box and even includes a magic marker.

Ohhhhh, so I’ve since learned that the ‘magic marker’ is not this but is in fact this.

Considering I’ve just shown myself to know nothing about Dead Space, you should probably just watch the below video of the team walking you through the contents:

So, in short, it includes:

  • 13″ SCAF Tin Crate
  • 8″ Ployresin Black Marker Statue
  • Aluminum Data Pad
  • Med Pack Water Bottle
  • Bound SCAF Jotter
  • 3 SCAF Posters
  • 6 Peng Postcards
  • 96 Page Mini Art Book
  • A copy of Dead Space 3 on the platform of your choice (PC copies are disc only; we are unable to provide a downloadable version)
  • DLC: First Contact bundle (includes the First Contact Suit and Negotiator weapon for precise dismemberment)
  • DLC: Witness the Truth bundle (includes the Witness the Truth suit and tactical Evangelizer weapon)

And is a mere $160.