Dead Space 3 recap trailer handily collates the sorry story so far


The problem with expanding the reach of your franchise – something EA have been loudly doing ever since the original Dead Space wound up quite likeable – is that new fans, by their nature, haven’t played your games yet. So what this latest trailer for co-op sequel Dead Space with Friends does is plug directly into your head and pump it full of words. But rather than kung fu or French, you’ll emerge with a working knowledge of Isaac Clarke’s peculiar career as an alien-lumberjack.

Most of the trailer is given over to explaining the history of the series’ markers – sources of renewable energy with unfortunate side effects. Those include a) dementia, b) insanity, andc) a twisted life after death – a grim reaffirmation of British anti-wind farm campaigners’ worst fears.

As we move onto events of the second game, the plot shifts gears and affairs get noticeably more ludicrous. I wouldn’t dare speculate about the direction of Dead Space The Third, but do know it’s to incorporate co-op and “super-epic” boss fights. We’ll know more on February 5th in the US, and February 8th in the UK. Or Q1, if you’re that way inclined.

I won’t stop you speculating, though. What fancy, far-flung ideas do you have about the directions Dead Space 3 might take?

Thanks, PC Gamer.