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Dead Space 3 trailer shows how peoples’ insides are yucky; also, February 8th release date confirmed


Isaac Clark knows innards. With two Dead Spaces under his belt, the spaceship engineer has practically waded through guts, limbs, and capillaries. The point EA have tried to convey in the latest trailer is a subtle one, not easy to put into words. I’ll endeavour to capture something of its colouring though: GIZZARDS AHOY.

Notice how there was no “No animals were harmed in the making of this trailer”?… I’ve already said too much.

The previews of the new Dead Space game have, for a while, focused on the ice planet setting. This new trailer looks to be an attempt to prove that the focus is not entirely ground-bound and that the game maintains something of the prior games’ zero-g athletics and vast space ship architecture.

Though, as previews go, it does look awful samey. Yeah, there’s another character making the rounds this time – drop-in/drop-out co-op partnerSergeant John Carver– but it looks to bemore messy alien slicing withoccasionaljumpy bits.

EA did announce our favourite of things: Pre-order bundles. There are two on offer. Details to follow:

First Contact Bundle

  • First Contact Suit: This unique EVA (Extra-Vehicular Activity) suit was built by the SCAF (Sovereign Colonies Armed Forces) for encounters with “foreign entities.” It sports a flamboyant golden finish to provide protection from long-term space exposure and thick armor for… unspecified reasons. The suit was given the nickname “First Contact” by the scientists who made it.
  • Negotiator Weapon: While technically classified by the SCAF as a “scientific instrument,” the gold-plated “Negotiator” is loaded with some surprisingly aggressive hardware. The overclocked, top-mounted Tesla Beam is capable of bursting a man-sized organism into several pieces with a single shot. The bottom-mounted Linegun appears to have been built with the sole purpose of cleanly dismembering organic tissue from a distance.

Witness the Truth Bundle

  • Witness Suit: These insulated suits were worn by a SCAF deep dig team assigned to exhume the darkest secrets of Tau Volantis. Whatever they found locked deep in the ice changed them forever. When they emerged weeks later, they were covered head to toe in strange graffiti and claimed to be “Witnesses to the Truth.”
  • Evangelizer Weapon: A modification of the standard AL-2 used by the Sovereign Colonies Legionaries, this version sports a souped-up AL-2g assault rifle on the top with an Emerson 2100 “Big Boy” tactical shotgun on the bottom. The surviving “Witnesses” of the SCAF deep dig team dubbed it the Evangelizer and decorated them top to bottom with strange symbols.

Still, we’ll know quite what Dead Space 3 is made of on February 8th.