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Dead Space is partially coming back to life in a really strange way

Dead Space nearly died as a series, but some signs of life remain, even if this new odd collab falls far short of a proper revival.

Dead Space is partially coming back to life in a really strange way: Isaac Clarke stands in a blue sci-fi area.

Death is not the end in gaming. Many games have reappeared in strange and unexpected ways, meaning even if something has been absent for a long time you never know when it might suddenly make a return. The fortunes of the Dead Space Remake appeared sealed but there’s now a sudden tiny glimmer of hope – though it’s via one of the weirdest collaborations in gaming.

The Dead Space Remake and Battlefield 2042 are teaming up for a time limited event coming very soon. In it, players will be able to join a brand new mode for the FPS game where you dive into a Necromorph-filled laboratory, fighting for survival as you try to escape with your skin and sanity intact. Titled Outbreak, you’ll be able to earn rewards by taking part including a weapon skin, weapon charm, player card background, and player card tag.

As collaborations go it’s definitely one of the more odd ones I’ve seen, at least outside of Fortnite. One thing Dead Space isn’t known for is fast-paced action so slamming it into the Battlefield series seems like a completely different direction for the series. I have to admit seeing Isaac Clarke (or someone dressed as him) taking up a military stance with an automatic weapon, clearing corners and tossing C4 at enemies, is a very strange feeling.

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One thing this may do, however, is rub salt into the wounds of those excited for a second Dead Space game. With developer Motive confirmed to be working on projects including Battlefield 2042, it seems we won’t be getting a Dead Space 2 remake any time soon – if at all. So while there’s a certain excitement at seeing Necromorphs and Isaac Clarke again, it does act as a reminder that for now at least, Dead Space remains a dead series.

You’ll be able to play the Dead Space Outbreak mode for Battlefield 2042 between Tuesday July 9 and Tuesday July 16. You’ll also be able to grab a Dead Space bundle for 2,200 BFC during this time, which will include weapon skins, a specialist outfit, and more.

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