This Dead Space Remake money glitch will help you survive the Ishimura

A Dead Space Remake money glitch should make life much easier on the USG Ishimura, as the horror game classic has a workaround to get you all the resources.

This Dead Space Remake money glitch will help you survive the Ishimura: an engineer dressed in a bronze suit of space armour, with blue light coming from his chest and visor slots

If you’ve been getting into EA Motive’s excellent retelling of horror game classic Dead Space, you’ll know that the in-game currencies credits and upgrade nodes are incredibly important to your survival. You’ll need them for new suits, consumables and ammo, and to upgrade your equipment to make blasting necromorphs all the easier as you walk the hallowed halls of the USG Ishimura. So, you’ll want to hear about this Dead Space Remake money glitch.

With all the Dead Space weapon upgrades you can get, deciding what to invest your hard-earned and skull-stomped credits on can be quite difficult. Well, there’s a way around that, as the Dead Space Remake has a glitch that can help you get as many weapon nodes, credits, and upgrades as you want at any time.

You’ll be getting all those Dead Space suit upgrades in no time, as a Dead Space Remake money glitch has been discovered that should help you get all the upgrades you need. There’s no telling how long it’ll last before being patched though, so act fast.

Here’s what you need: the Pulse Rifle, at least seven power nodes, a spare 15,000 credits, and a safe place to work. If you can buy all the Pulse Rifle capacity upgrades in one swoop before needing to respec and start again, you’ll be netting a profit.

How to get Infinite Nodes/Credits, *Method discovered by Mrthrowawaymcgee,* I’m just putting it in video form for people who are more visual learners, like me. from DeadSpace

If you go to a bench with a Pulse Rifle that has a full ammo clip, empty it into the ground with the alternative proximity mine fire mode, and then pick the individual ammo back up off the ground, essentially converting a reloaded to clip to inventory ammo. Then use your nodes to get a capacity upgrade (just the one for now) for the Pulse Rifle.

You’ll notice that, following the upgrade, your Pule Rifle has been reloaded with free ammo and filled automatically, so use the proximity mines and pick up the ammo again. Do this until all capacity upgrades have been unlocked.

As noted by Reddit user TyberZann191, following this method and selling all the ammo you have and respecing your Pulse Rifle will net you 4,000 credits each time you start again, with the sold Pulse Rifle ammo netting you a profit.

You then might be wondering ‘how long is Dead Space?’ and where on the USG Ishimura is the best spot to do this, as you’ll want to get between a shop and bench as easily as possible. For the early game the tram stop in chapter 1 is likely your best bet, as the game can’t throw a single necromorph at you as you go between the two.

It might be a little convoluted and take some time, but the Dead Space Remake money glitch is sure to come in handy whenever you need a few extra credits to buy, upgrade, or restock on certain items. Then again you could just not use it and play the game as intended, but I won’t judge.

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