Dead Space Remake new game plus explained

Once you’re done with the campaign and you’ve dismembered every Necromorph in sight, it’s time to suit up and get ready for Dead Space Remake new game plus.

Dead Space remake new game plus: a futuristic man in worn armoud stands in a room on a spaceship

As a veteran of the USG Ishimura, the prospect of a Dead Space Remake new game plus must be a tantalising one – not only did the remake change up the iconic ship, its enemies, and your objectives, but with new game plus, you get to explore it all over again with an even bigger target on your back.

A lot of story games add new game plus modes to give experienced, hardcore players a chance to prove just how really good they are, and the Dead Space remake is no exception. If our Dead Space Remake review is anything to go by, it could be making our end-of-year best PC games list, so why wouldn’t you want to play through it more than once?

Dead Space Remake: a dark corridor ona spaceship fiolled with horrors

Is there a Dead Space Remake new game plus mode?

Yes – once you’ve beaten the main story in Dead Space Remake, you’ll unlock new game plus. In this game mode, the story will begin again, but all of your weapons and equipment from the previous playthrough will carry over, meaning that you’ll be powerful from the off.

In addition to keeping your weapons and equipment, new game plus adds an additional level to your suit, a new collectible named ‘marker fragments’, and a new phantom variant of Necromorph. These new foes are tougher than before, which should put the overpowered equipment from your first playthrough to the test immediately.

The Dead Space Remake secret ending can only be unlocked by playing through new game plus, collecting each of the 12 Dead Space Marker Fragments as you go. Once you reach the end of the story, provided you met all the requirements, you’ll be treated to a brand new cutscene in the Dead Space Remake ending.

Now that you know about the Dead Space Remake new game plus, will you be braving the depths of the Ishimura again? If you want to be as OP as possible before you start new game plus, we have every suit upgrade, and all the weapon upgrades here, as well as all the node locations so you have enough resources to go around.