How to find the Dead Space report on the Bridge

Tracking down the Dead Space report on the Bridge is key to obtaining the Prototype Stasis Module, but you're going to have to retrieve a tissue sample first.

Dead Space report on the Bridge: Dr. Mercer, one of the antagonists that Isaac Clarke encounters on the Ishimura, responsible for the Hunter necromorph that provides the tissue sample in the Premeditated Malpractice side mission..

The Dead Space report on the Bridge is an objective that can be easy to overlook in the dark and dingy corners of the Ishimura. Side missions are one of the biggest changes in the Dead Space remake, allowing players to diverge from Isaac Clarke’s story in order to delve into the hidden machinations of the Ishimura’s personnel shortly before they succumbed to the necromorph infestation.

Aside from added flavour, side missions also provide you with a range of benefits, including raising your Dead Space security clearance level to maximum via the Master Override. Retrieving the Dead Space report on the Bridge will bring you one step closer to the Prototype Stasis Module, an extremely powerful upgrade in one of the best PC games of this year. Let’s go.

Where to scan the tissue sample in the Main Lab

The Dead Space report on the Bridge is a vital objective during the ‘Premeditated Malpractice’ side mission. Before you can start this mission, you’ll need to retrieve the tissue sample that Mercer’s Hunter necromorph left behind in the cryogenic chamber at the end of Chapter 5. Return to the Main Lab and interact with the scanner located on the desk just past the Main Lab Changing Room on the lower floor.

After that, you’ll need to journey back through to Medical to the Intensive Care Unit. Interact with the destroyed medical pod at the far end of the room before making your way to the Mining deck to investigate Ore Storage. The audio log required to progress the mission is located behind a stack of kinesis crates. Once the audio log is finished playing, you’ll finally receive the objective to find the report on the Bridge.

Dead Space report on the Bridge: Isaac stands before the terminal that contains the report on the Bridge in the Main Atrium.

Where to find the report on the Bridge

The report on the Bridge can be found by accessing the terminal in the Main Atrium on the right-hand side as you enter from the direction of the tram station and store. As you draw closer, a prompt to activate it will pop up. Interact with the terminal to initiate the hologram clip of a conversation between Nicole and Captain Mathius. Once this plays out, you’ll be prompted by your mission log to head to Hydroponics.

Once you’ve made your way over from Mining via the tram system, head through Nutrition Systems – taking care to avoid the poison gas and any necromorphs standing in your way – until you reach the Diagnostic Lab. Pick up the audio log sitting on the table opposite the entrance to clear the poison gas and learn the origin of Mercer’s hunter, before heading over to the workbench to find the Prototype Stasis Module. Once retrieved, it will upgrade the properties of your existing Stasis module, allowing you to freeze enemies in place while inflicting electrical damage over time.

Congratulations, you’ve now completed the ‘Premeditated Malpractice’ side mission. If you’re looking for even more upgrades, be sure to check out the Dead Space suit upgrades and weapon upgrades you can find in various locations across the USG Ishimura. These will help you when going up against the Dead Space leviathan, and keep you alive during the gauntlet leading up to the ending. If you can’t get enough of deep-space horrors, be sure to check out our guides to Dead Space new game plus, and the various Marker Fragments you’ll find on your subsequent playthroughs.