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Dead Space Remake has a secret ending, but only after new game plus

Dead Space Remake, the upcoming horror game from Motive and EA, and rival to The Callisto Protocol, has a secret ending, so long as you beat new game plus.

Dead Space Remake has a secret ending, but only after new game plus. A space engineer in a metal suit, Isaac Clarke from Dead Space Remake

The Dead Space ending is a terrific jump scare, perfectly setting up the plot for Dead Space 2. Now, Motive Studio and EA have confirmed that their upcoming horror game, Dead Space Remake, comes with a new, secret ending, as well as fresh versions of the necromorphs and a new RIG for Isaac – but only if you play Dead Space new game plus.

Previously, the Dead Space Remake secret ending was hinted by a list of achievements posted ahead of release. Now, the game’s creators have officially confirmed an alternate climax for the space survival game, as well as how to unlock it.

“Dead Space will have new game plus at launch,” a post from the game’s official Twitter confirms, saying that it includes a “level six advanced suit, new phantom variant necromorphs [and a] secret ending.”

Phantom variant necromorphs sound pretty terrifying. Personally, the name reminds of the invisible novistadors from Resident Evil 4, those acid-spitting bug things you find in the castle basement. Can you imagine playing Dead Space, except now some of the necromorphs are invisible? Sounds like a recipe for palpitations.

As to the secret ending, again, I can’t help but speculate. Maybe it will offer an even firmer connection to Dead Space 2 than the original, potentially – hopefully – leading into a Dead Space 2 remake. Or maybe we’ll get a Silent Hill-style joke ending, where a little shiba inu has been controlling the entire Ishimura all along. We’ll have to wait until January 27 and the Dead Space Remake release date to find out.

In the meantime, get yourself prepared with all the best Dead Space weapon upgrades. You might also want to hunker down inside your RIG with Dead Space suit upgrades, in which case, you’re going to want to find all the Dead Space node locations, to get your suit totally shipshape.