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Dead Space security clearance levels and how to open locked doors

The Dead Space security clearance levels are the key to opening security doors that hold enough credits to keep you alive and stocked up on shop items.

Dead Space security clearance levels: Isaac Clarke, the protagonist of Motive's sci-fi survival horror, in the process of upgrading his suit.

Dead Space security clearance levels are one of the major changes that Motive has made in the horror remake. While the original iteration of Isaac Clarke’s time aboard the Ishimura was a linear progression from beginning to end, returning players may be surprised to find that Isaac can now backtrack to previous areas via the tram system.

The Dead Space security clearance levels allow you to enter previously inaccessible parts of the ship once you’ve sufficiently upgraded your Rig’s authorisation. These security doors are entirely optional, but they contain valuable loot that can help you save up for expensive items located in the Store, such as the best Dead Space suit upgrades or even Dead Space Power Nodes that you can then put towards unlocking the best Dead Space weapon upgrades. If you want to see everything one of the best PC games of 2023 has to offer, the Dead Space security clearance levels are essential.

How to increase your Dead Space security clearance level

The Dead Space security clearance levels can be unlocked gradually over the course of the story. On the one hand, this means you’ll never have to worry about accidentally missing them on your journey – unlike the Dead Space Peng location, which can elude even the savviest of Dead Space vets. On the other, it means you’ll have to exercise some patience if you’re dead set on opening every security door on the Ishimura in one of the best horror games of the year.

Here are all the security clearance level locations and how to obtain them:

  • Security clearance level one: Obtained from the Captain’s Rig, located in the Morgue on the Medical Deck during chapter two.
  • Security clearance level two: Obtained from Hammond, located in the Captain’s Nest on the Bridge Deck during chapter four.
  • Security clearance level three: Obtained from Mining Supervisor Dallas’ Rig, located on the Mining Deck during chapter seven.

Once you’ve acquired maximum security clearance, you have everything you need to open security doors in Dead Space. After you’ve stocked up on all the loot your inventory can hold, be sure to check out our Dead Space cast primer for the new and returning voices, as well as our how long is Dead Space guide for an idea of how long it’ll take to outlast the deep space horrors.