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9/10 horror game the cheapest it’s ever been on Steam, but act fast

Dead Space Remake is on sale on Steam, marking it down to the cheapest it's ever been available on Valve's massive digital marketplace.

Dead Space Remake is undoubtedly not for the faint of heart, and definitely not for those who don’t like piecing up alien amalgams limb by limb. However, if that is your jam, then this deep space odyssey should be right up your alley. When the remake for the original Dead Space dropped in January 2023, fans of the series who’d desperately been waiting for another entry in the long-dormant series were treated to an absolute gem of a game, and for those who still haven’t given it a try, it’s on a huge sale for a short period of time.

Dead Space Remake launched to rave reviews when it dropped a year and a half ago. The launch of the remake of the horror game was highly anticipated, as it had been a full decade since any game in the series was released.

The original Dead Space is often lauded as one of the greatest horror games of all time, and the remake from Motive Studio delivered a gorgeous new take on the story of starship engineer Isaac Clarke and his adventure slicing up Cronenberg baddies. With the remake now easily the best way to play the original Dead Space game, tons of fans have returned to the USG Ishimura one more time.

Our review gave the game a 9/10 and noted just how faithful the single-player game was to the original while upgrading the visuals to an incredible degree. Performance issues only held it back slightly.

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Dead Space redefined modern horror games with its truly unique approach to combat, having players dismember gross aliens one limb at a time. The subtlest touch from the game is still the way you track Isaac’s health, which is via a pack that follows the spine of his suit.

However, if you’re one of those who haven’t tried out the Dead Space remake yet, then you’re in luck because the game is currently on the biggest Steam sale yet.

Dead Space Remake is 70% off, at just $17.99 / £14.20 on Steam until Monday, June 17. With only two more days to grab this great deal, you might want to act fast to make sure you get it for such a low price.

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