John Carpenter says a Dead Space movie is something “I could do”

Horror director John Carpenter has talked about how he would like to make a Dead Space movie, and how the third game in the series is alright, actually

John Carpenter says a Dead Space movie is something “I could do”: Isaac Clarke readies his plasma cutter

Famed horror film director and self-professed gamer John Carpenter has talked about wanting to direct a Dead Space movie, and what he thinks about the series of horror games overall, while in an interview talking about his favourite games of the past year.

It’s no secret that Halloween and Escape From New York director John Carpenter likes video games, as that one quote of his makes the rounds every few months about how he loves Sonic the Hedgehog, and even “the one where he turns into a werewolf [Sonic Unleashed],” which honestly warms my heart.

Now, Carpenter has expressed his desire to make a Dead Space movie, and had some delightfully unironic words about the least loved game in that series as well. When asked about adapting a game by AV Club, Carpenter replied: “The only one I can think of, and I’ve mentioned it before, is Dead Space. That would make a real great movie. I could do that,” says Carpenter.

This by no means confirms a Dead Space movie, but oh my would it be great to see John Carpenter take the reins on that.

John Carpenter was then asked if he has a favourite game in the series, and like a man after my own heart, he sings the praises of Dead Space 3. “Well, any of them were really good. I even like the last one, the action one that nobody else liked.”

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When Dead Space 3 released it was derided for its focus on co-op and action over solitary horror, but after a decade I think the capper to the trilogy actually has a lot of charm, despite not really being a Dead Space game. Nice to know John Carpenter likes it too.

The interview took an even more interesting turn than talk of a Dead Space movie when John Carpenter was asked about if he gets scared when playing games, to which he responded: “Well, I don’t like things jumping out at me and threatening my character, no! Don’t threaten my character, I want to survive. A lot of games, they penalise you for dying. It’s one of the things I like about Fallout, they don’t penalise you. You die over and over again on a hard mission. I like that.”

If the prospect of a John Carpenter directed Dead Space movie excites you and ups your anticipation for the Dead Space remake don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. The Dead Space remake release date is creeping up on us, and the Dead Space system requirements have arrived, in case you want to know if your PC can handle the scares.