DEADBOLT, the new game from Risk of Rain creators Hopoo Games, releases first trailer

Deadbolt Trailer Grab

In the last few years i’ve been conditioned into thinking squalid urban settings and a thumping soundtrack make it violence o’clock. With DEADBOLT, this trend looks set to continue as you play ‘The Reaper’ on a mission to put down an undead uprising.

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The below trailer reminds me of recent ‘thumping soundtrack, gore and murder-em-up’ Not A Hero but with less balletic movement and more of a focus on the Reaper’s particular skillset.

That and the game’s dynamic gore system, which promises “all evisceration leads to satisfaction “. Gross. In the trailer your character pulls over tables for cover, turns to smoke to get through vents, starts some fires and hits a dog in the head with a sledgehammer.

But it turns out the agent of death isn’t its master, and while you’ll be given 30 weapons to get the job done, a single round will put you down. That’s going to be no good against the 35 different varieties of undead you’ll be squaring up to, but with a variety of options and routes for you to experiment in, I’m sure you’ll find a way.

Best you watch the trailer really, isn’t it?

The game releases in ‘Q1 2016’ which is code for: really soon.