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Walking simulator Dear Esther to step up to the stage for play adaptation

Rob Briscoe updated the original Dear Esther mod into a stunning Source game.

Indie developer The Chinese Room’s first major hit, Dear Esther, is swapping walking simulator for treading the boards as a stage play adaptation is in the works at a London theatre.

For more incredible indie games, look no further.

The game, which features unreliable narration in a randomised order over scenes of natural beauty in the Scottish islands of the Outer Hebrides, will somehow become a stage production on October 14 at the Milton Court Concert Hall.

Helping this transformation will be a live performance featuring the game’s BAFTA-winning composer Jessica Curry, and BAFTA-nominated narrator Oliver Dimsdale. The play’s description on the Barbican website suggests the game will be played and projected onto a screen while the live components add to the experience.

The play is coinciding with a console remaster of Dear Esther, the Landmark Edition, which will be free for PC owners of the 2012 original standalone version (of the 2009 Half-Life 2 mod) when it arrives in the coming months.

Far be it from me, a lowly newsman, to question art but I feel the medium through which Dear Esther was delivered provided much of its impact on my original playthrough four years ago. And just because something has flowing soliloquies, a moving story and beautiful musical accompaniments doesn’t automatically qualify it as stage fodder.

If you think otherwise I implore you to head down to the Milton on October 14 at 7:30pm and kick me in the shins until I learn my place.