Sony isn’t calling Death Stranding a PlayStation 4 exclusive anymore

Is Death Stranding PC back on track?

Death Stranding is coming to PlayStation 4 on November 8. Kojima Productions has been working in close partnership with Sony throughout the game’s development – the game is even borrowing the Decima Engine from fellow PS4 exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn. Despite all that, a PC release was announced way back Kojima first partnered with Sony, and now it seems hope is alive for that release once again.

Sony’s official list of PlayStation 4 exclusives no longer includes Death Stranding. As ResetEra user vestan notes (via VG247), a number of Sony’s official worldwide sites have dropped Kojima’s dead whale simulator from the list – but it was there as recently as May of this year.

We do know that Hideo Kojima will present an “exclusive new look” at Death Stranding on August 19 ahead of Gamescom. That’ll almost certainly mean a new trailer, but even with this timing, it seems unlikely that a proper PC announcement would come this close to the PS4 release.

Way back in the original press release regarding the partnership with Sony, Kojima’s first independent title – which then didn’t even have a title – was announced PS4 console exclusive. The exclusivity period was not detailed then, but the developers did say “the title is planned to become available on PC.”

We spent a long time covering Death Stranding with that knowledge, but Sony’s increased presentation of the title as a PS4 exclusive had started to suggest the terms of the deal had changed. But maybe they haven’t, after all. The two things we know for sure are that this is unnecessarily obtuse, and that Death Stranding isn’t coming to Xbox.

Well, there is one last thing – ahead of the official Death Stranding release date announcement, an apparent leaker got the date right. He also reconfirmed the PC release.