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Hideo Kojima posts 1917-style Death Stranding trailer, for some reason

Death Stranding gets a 1917-style makeover in a new trailer that evokes the Sam Mendes movie


Death Stranding and 1917, the new movie about World War I, probably aren’t two things you’d naturally put together. However, it looks like game director Hideo Kojima has been inspired to mesh the two in a new Twitter video post that teases something “coming 2020”.

The video, which you can check out further down this story, reimagines the 2019 action-adventure game’s setting in the style of the film, adding an early 20th century plane crashing, trenches, and raging, gunfire-filled battle to its apocalyptic wasteland. Protagonist and really dedicated postman Sam Porter Bridges can be seen stalking around wood and sandbag-lined passageways carved into the land as explosions erupt in the background.

He also dodges the plummeting aircraft as it hits the ground, and in the last shot, sprints across a battlefield as the words ‘coming 2020’ enclose the screen, in a pretty faithful recreation of the 1917 trailer’s ending shot (which you can see here). It’s not confirmed by the director this is the inspiration behind the tease, but it’s fairly unmistakable.

Take a look at the 1917-style Death Stranding ‘trailer’ below:

The question is, does the video hint at something Death Stranding on the way this year? The answer is, maybe. It’s not clear whether the director is indicating there is something in the works for 2020, but it’s possible it could hint at an upcoming reveal of the Death Stranding PC release date, which is currently set as ‘Summer 2020’, according to the Death Stranding Steam page.

It’s also possible it could be news about some DLC, or just a bit of fun. We’ve reached out to 505 Games, which is publishing the PC version of the game, for comment and will update this story with any new information.

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