Deathloop cassette puzzle solution – where to find the pictograms

Every location for where to find Fia’s pictograms and solve the Deathloop cassette puzzle

Want to know how to solve the Deathloop cassette puzzle? This rather elaborate puzzle is tied to the story. As such, this guide contains significant spoilers for eliminating two of the visionaries.

Close to the beach near the area with the many shipping containers in Fristad Rock, you’ll come across a door with a number nine emblazoned across the front. This is the private area where two of your visionary targets, Charlie and Fia, rendezvous for a little bit of romance. However, as you enter, there’s a big console with many tapes plugged into them. You’ll also find a book titled ‘Order of Operations’, which gives you a combination to a safe in Karl’s Bay, next to the Yerhva, the Queen of Riddles machine.

This machine isn’t too far from the starting area, but the note inside the safe is filled with riddles hinting at four pictogram locations inside Fia’s bunker in Fristad Rock. To solve the puzzle, you must find all four pictograms. This guide covers all four locations where you can find the correct pictograms and how to use them to solve the Deathloop cassette puzzle.

Deathloop Fia’s pictogram locations

By interacting with the correct pictograms in Fia’s bunker, you can record them into your journal to use while solving the cassette puzzle. You can find Fia’s pictograms in the following locations in Fristad Rock at noon:

One of Fia's pictograms, needed to solve the Deathloop cassette puzzle, is painted on a dividing screen.

  • There’s a pictogram above the window by the rear entrance of Fia’s Bunker where you can find the Deathloop delivery booth code
  • The second pictogram is inside the locker room on the second floor, near the big reactor room
  • The third pictogram is inside the shaft of the elevator. You need to climb up to find it
  • The final pictogram is on the ground floor in the reactor room by the exit with the patterned floor

How to solve the Deathloop cassette puzzle

Once you have all four pictograms, head back to the secret bunker with the number nine on the door in Fristad Rock in the afternoon. You now need to use every cassette, noting where each of the pictograms recorded in your journal is on the console. You can access the journal by pressing J on your keyboard. Doing this will take a while, but thankfully you only need to do this once.

To solve this annoying puzzle, enter all four of the pictograms in the correct order. If you want to optimise your game, check out our Deathloop PC settings guide, or you can have a look at these directions on how to get the Deathloop safe codes.