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Free new Deep Rock Galactic season makes everything so much harder

Deep Rock Galactic’s latest season brings a ton of new stuff to the game, including new difficulty options and a bevy of horrifying enemies.

Free new Deep Rock Galactic season makes everything so much harder: A mining dwarf looks ready to leap into action in Deep Rock Galactic.

Four years after launch you can understand why all the easy-to-reach mineral deposits in Deep Rock Galactic have been tapped out. That’s why your corporate overlords have got new directives for you. It’s time to drill harder and deeper and get hunting rewards which until now were beyond reach. Of course, there’ll be plenty of dangers along the way, but you and your team can handle that, right? Right?

The latest season for Deep Rock Galactic has just launched and it’s a whopper. Titled Drilling Deeper, season five is sending you and your team of mining dwarfs to the lowest depths of Hoxxes in your glorious quest to make someone else richer. One of the best co-op games out there just got bigger and better in plenty of ways.

There are two main introductions in this season. The first is a new mission type which revolves around grabbing a new priority item – Morkite Seeds. This requires you to work together with your team, fighting off foes and locating special Resonance Crystals in order to triangulate the geode’s location in which these valuable goods hide. Once found you’re off to the lower levels of the caves to try and collect your prize, riding a special drill all the way down.

Even outside of this mission type there’s a new event. Core Stones will dot the caverns of Hoxxes, containing something very special that management requests you grab. The problem with these stones is that when touched they’ll open rifts in the cave walls from where new horrors will emerge. These Corespawn Crawlers promise to be a challenge unlike anything you’ve faced so far.

In addition to these new gameplay events, there are a few new enemies and even a way to add higher difficulty levels to the game, should you be brave enough. Hazard 5+ mode lets you introduce modifiers to the Hazard 5 difficulty setting, letting you get new challenges and better rewards, if you’re able to make it back alive.

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Season five of Deep Rock Galactic is out now and you can check out the full details over on the Steam page.

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