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New games: Deep Sky Derelicts lurches menacingly out of early access

Deep Sky Derelicts, a card-based sci-fi dungeon crawler that takes a few major cues from Darkest Dungeon, is about ready to lumber out of early access and into the known solar system. It’ll launch on Steam September 26.

It’s a game that oozes style – a distinct line art and watercolor look that’s reminiscent of Brandon Graham’s ‘Prophet’ series of comics, sort of the way Darkest Dungeon was heavily inspired by Mike Mignola’s Hellboy artwork.

The action has shifted from a Lovecraftian manor to an infested derelict alien freighter. A procedural map fills in as you explore, and combat is handled with card system. Befitting the science fiction setting, you can equip your team of rogues with high-tech gear you either scavenge or buy.

This gear determines the deck of cards you bring with you into each encounter, similar to how it’s handled in Card Hunter and Guild of Dungeoneering. However, Deep Sky Derelict’s enemies are quite a bit darker, creepier, and more menacing than the cheery cardboard standees and whimsical doodles of those games.

Here’s the early access launch trailer from last year. I’m really enjoying the soundtrack:

As mentioned above, Deep Sky Derelicts will officially launch September 26. You can head to the Steam page now if you’d like to check it out in early access form right now.

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