Defiance beta will begin January 18, Trion taking singups now


The beta event, known as “Advanced Mission Beta 1,” will run from 08:00 PST (16:00 GMT) until 9:00 PM PST (05:00 GMT) on January 20. It will take players to the San Francisco of the far future, but not a particularly pleasant far future.

Should you choose to sign up for the MMOFPS, which will be launched in conjunction with a new TV series on the Syfy channel, you’ll take on the role of an ark hunter, which Trion describe as “part treasure hunter, part mercenary… genetically enhanced operatives who are fearless and lethal, dedicated in their mission to recover valuable alien technology and sell it to the highest bidder.” That sounds just like you, doesn’t it?

The beta will include the tutorial, the “expansive terraformed terrain of Mt. Tam,” a Waterfront competitive multiplayer map, an open-world competitive multiplayer map and a chance to engage in some co-op boss battles. It will probably look a little bit like this:

IHere’s theSyfy trailer which, in true science fiction tradition, depicts aliens as people with slightly different shaped heads.

I’m very interested to see how Trion will marry this ongoing plot with open world, unrestricted PvP, which sounds like pure anarchy to me. It’s a heck of a challenge, but it could be amazing if they pull it off.

Sign up for the Defiance beta here.