Defiance live action trailer covers post-war Earth and giant alien crabs


It’s a Tuesday and it’s nearly 10am, which means it’s ludicrous ambition o’clock. In a clear punt to upstage both Dust 514’s CCP and Planetside 2’s SOE, Trion Worlds are developing this thing which is MMO and third-person shooter and sci-fi TV drama, all at once. That last part isn’t creative license on my part, either – an actual, thirteen-part SyFy series will accompany the game’s release this summer (that soon?).

Perhaps ‘live action trailer’ carries entirely the wrong sort of connotations. It might be better to say, in fact, that one corner of Defiance’s intricate multimedia plan has been unveiled to us.

Defiance is a refugee camp-cum-frontier boomtown, formed in the aftermath of a desperate and pointless alien war which has seen the Earth scorched. The inhabitants of this trailer aren’t in Defiance, though. Their situation looks rather more precarious:

Men wave guns. A lady’s electronic eye powers on. Rockets light up the sky. An ambush happens. Big old crabs spring from the ground.

Similar things happened in last week’s in-game Defiance trailer – although that was a bit shootier, as games are wont to be. We’ve a lot more left to see before April’s release date, but what’s your take on it thus far?